Remoting 360

Rapidly enable your remote workforce

Organizations have relied on co-located teams, and now they must adapt to delivering through a distributed IT engineering workforce while still delivering quality, speed, and agility. This change can be a daunting challenge given the short notice that companies have had to shift to a remote workforce.

At Virtusa, we’ve been working in a proven HyperAgile delivery model that requires collaboration with a globally distributed workforce. Virtusa has matured this model into a capability that many of our clients rely on for best practices and joint team enablement.

Given the worldwide shift to remote work, adoption of our HyperAgile model has tight applicability for those organizations looking to deliver high-quality digital engineering outcomes at scale with remote teams. We call this Remoting 360, and it provides:

  • Remote infrastructure, virtual team rooms, and collaboration whiteboarding.
  • Engineering automation, tools, and metrics
  • Agile processes and ways of working optimized for HyperAgile across disciplines (co-design, business analysis, engineering, test, dev-ops)
  • Training and joint team readiness in distributed Agile delivery
  • Remote onboarding for IT engineers
  • Agile culture facilitation, including ongoing team nurturing and motivation
  • Cloud productivity, cyber-security, and data privacy

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