Agile Squads

Sustain productivity and deploy distributed agile teams

Today‚'s market demands that you have the right combination of tools, assets, and teams to maintain productivity.

At Virtusa, we believe in transforming culture, people, and governance through agile methodologies, best practices, and experts. Digital Transformation Studio (DTS) was built to leverage Virtusa's engineering teams that have decades of industry experience and technical skills. These teams serve clients by increasing collaboration, motivation, and transparency in any environment. They provide consulting, training, and have required certifications to leverage Virtusa's tools and assets.

Digital Transformation Studio
Digital Transformation Studio

Digital Transformation Studio combines 3 distinct components to deliver measurable results:

  • Engineering Tools ‚ DTS engineering tools drive SDLC automation to improve quality enabling speed and increasing productivity.
  • Industry Assets, DTS Open Innovation Assets, powered by API Lifecycle Toolkit, Pre-trained AI/ML models, and Prebuilt Microservices, build cloud-native platforms.
  • Certified Teams, DTS teams are trained on domain and Virtusa's engineering tools and assets.

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