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Objective Based Quality Engineering Services

You may be paying for non-value-added time for your quality engineering (QE) services and missing out on valuable usability feedback. With more banks and financial services using Agile and cloud-enabled practices, there’s more of a need for continuous testing and QE accountability.

Virtusa’s Quality Engineering Services puts accountability on our team that we build and deploy based on your business objectives. Using a skills-first rather than a numbers-first approach ensures you’ll have the quality assurance (QA) you need and reduce your operational costs by decreasing non-value-added time. 

Our QE approach helps banks and financial institutions by encompassing traditional product QA with the bonus of best-in-class processes, accelerators, and a proven commercial model.

Key benefits

With Virtusa’s Intelligent Quality Engineering (QE) Automation we take full ownership of your programs. 

Your organization can experience key benefits that include reducing: 

QA run costs by over 40%

By using fewer, more qualified QA teams with proprietary automation accelerators, we reduce the cost of labor and project completion time.

Cycle time by 25% in as little as 6 sprints

By using advanced automation capabilities and DevOps as a Service (DaaS), we decrease cycle time.

Non-value-added time by over 80%

Automating all manual non-value-added tasks to focus on what really matters.

The Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) by 95%

By identifying and fixing issues earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we significantly reduce the duration between system failures and ensure systems are highly available.

Regression effort by up to 70%

Using visual testing approaches, we significantly reduce the maintenance effort.

Key features

Our QE Services are built using:

1. Integrated Teams

  • Hyper Agile Squads (SDETs)
  • True shift-left in owning unit test coverage  
  • SLA/SLO definition and adherence

2. Advanced automation

  • Automated debt reduction
  • Continuous testing platform
  • Low-code automation and generators
  • ML-enabled visual testing and auto-healing automation

3. Heightened resilience

  • Jumpstarts for observability and automation
  • Chaos engineering to find faults early
  • SRE-aligned quality process

4. Effort compression

  • Optimization approach using AI-based test assets  
  • Intelligent, impact-based continuous automation
  •  Risk-based testing approach

5. Product quality assurance (QA) through Ownership-Driven Engagement Model

Our intelligent engineering principles enable us to offer a commercial model built around  the quality of the product being released instead of resource cost.

Success story

Our QE services reduced non-value-added time below 15% for a multinational company.

Virtusa selected a dedicated QE team to focus on defective feature reduction for an internet-based products and services company. The engagement lasted over four years to ensure that all products were certified for the highest levels of resilience before releasing them to production. The team was fully utilized and accountable for the project throughout the QA process, completing continuous testing to identify issues early, leading to reduced non-value-added time.

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