Reimagining the Mobile Banking Experience

The growing influence of the internet and smartphones has compelled banks to deliver exceptional customer service in their online channels while still optimizing their offline reach.

Digital natives seek the same commitment to service quality anytime, anywhere, and on any device, making digital innovation an industry imperative. While banks look for a slice of the customer pie, they need to differentiate their mobility services while still delivering sustainable profitability.

Millennials, the largest demographic of banking customers, are more digitally focused than earlier generations and are highly inclined towards mobile banking.

They seek convenience and on-the-go banking experiences that can support their banking needs. Virtusa’s MyBank solution offers an intuitive and secure end-to-end mobile banking framework for a seamless banking experience. It allows banks to onboard customers digitally by scanning IDs, and enable real-time deposits by uploading virtual checks. The solution also supports utility bill payment and peer-to-peer payment services. Banks can roll out targeted offers for loans and other value-added services.

Virtusa's solution

Virtusa MyBank is designed to deliver well-integrated banking services that are accessible across mobile devices.

The solution allows mobile banking to take a more central role for customers, driving increased loyalty and profitability for the business.


  • Cutting-edge biometric security using touch ID as well as voice and facial recognition
  • Allows live document and image annotation
  • Self-service experiences through a virtual agent
  • Makes intelligent recommendations by leveraging AI and ML technology
  • Videoconferencing with bank representatives for complex transactions


Why partner with Virtusa?

Virtusa takes your mobile banking platforms to the next level, providing customers with an immersive experience

  • An AI/ML-driven engine that makes intelligent recommendations Technology-agnostic with built-in architecture scalability
  • Market products across customer segments for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention by personalizing offers

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