Revolutionize enterprise content discovery with Virtusa's Intelligent Search Solution

Digital users of enterprise platforms need to search and access information stored in multiple data repositories and enterprise applications. This information is generally unstructured, fragmented, and difficult to search and consume. Significant manual effort is expended in finding and locating information in multiple enterprise content sources. A powerful search solution that accelerates information access in an enterprise can improve the productivity and performance of digital users.

Virtusa’s Intelligent Search Solution is an AI/ML powered solution that enables efficient and contextual exploration and access to information from enterprise data sources. Our natural language-based approach understands users’ intent and language to retrieve highly relevant results. We can process and index any enterprise content from structured data sources like databases and spreadsheets to unstructured sources like content management systems, files, and emails. The solution is highly customizable and can be integrated with customer facing websites, customer service engines, and intranet content portals.

Key features

The key features of our solution are:

  • Natural language processing (NLP) based search: Semantic processing of natural language queries to retrieve contextual results for each user query

  • Personalization: Reranking and filtering results based on relevancy and context (such as user profile)

  • Recommendation system: Suggestion of similar and relevant search queries

  • Autocomplete: Make suggestions without having the user type entire words

  • Dynamic indexing: Fine control over individual data elements in the index, handling batch and streaming indexing

  • Auto response tuning: Ability to finetune and control models in the backend based on user interactions

  • Integrations: Connect with existing data sources such as data warehouses, file systems, and databases
Enterprise Intelligent Search Solution - Key Features
Key benefits

Improve the quality of enterprise search solutions

Enable customers and internal stakeholders to access relevant information faster

Improve performance of current enterprise search technology stack

Improve customer engagement

Why Virtusa?

We have combined our AI expertise with a wealth of experience developing business search engines for enterprise customers that enable our customers to search through sizable structured and unstructured datasets accurately and efficiently for information.

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