Financial Services Operations on NOW

Create a transparent and seamless banking experience for customers with ServiceNow

What if your bank’s business workflow provided real-time updates to your customers for every transaction without intervention from the relationship manager?  

Such an ideal workflow is what financial institutions and banks across U.S. and Canada are looking for; they want to move from reactive to prescriptive servicing. Real-time updates about balances, transaction information, and other account details benefit the customers and the institution. Gathering this information helps accelerate financial close, leading to increased revenue and improved customer experience, cost efficiency, and service level agreements.

Virtusa’s deep digital banking expertise coupled with the power of the ServiceNow platform is helping leading banks and financial institutions maximize outcomes from AI/ML implementation. The automated workflow capabilities help organizations take customer service to the next level.

Key features
Financial Services Operations on NOW - Key Benefits
  • Data ingestion and analysis
    AI powered by ServiceNow helps banks by learning customer behaviors to curate the right content and deliver intelligent recommendations for a distinctive customer experience
  • Frictionless customer interaction
    The system learns over time from the customer's actions about inquiries or payments and account actions, including sweeping, pooling, and approvals, to accelerate processes by automating notifications and repetitive tasks.
  • Personalized insights
    It involves systematic learning of what the customer needs at what time in the month or season, adjusting communication and activities for payroll, closing of books, tax season, and more. 

Key benefits

50% reduction of daily demand on relationship managers

Improved customer experience through reduced phone activity, and proactive and personalized services

Improved time to market and lowered customer churn with frictionless payment

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