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The rapid growth and legacy deployments of the ServiceNow platform have kept several organizations from unleashing the platform’s benefits. Such businesses often struggle with overspending time and money, leading to 3X slower time to market, an antiquated experience, clunky processes, and unhealthy CMDBs (the datastore of the platform).

Organizations need an easy path to upgrade and a stable baseline to take advantage of best-of-breed functionality, stay current on the platform, and innovate at the right pace.

Virtusa’s Back to Baseline approach helps our clients enhance the ability to upgrade efficiently while resolving the earlier issues. Our approach involves how to reevaluate, followed by implementation, and finally, a rollout to the organization in a prescriptive, tried, and accurate manner.

Key features

The ServiceNow platform connects people, functions, and systems to drive innovation and business outcomes, increase business agility, and unlock productivity with its consulting-led approach. Our process stems from our collection of accelerators: ServiceNow HealthScan, vAssess, vDeploy, and vOperate.

ServiceNow HealthScan

It runs a data-driven diagnostic analysis of customer instances with hundreds of KPIs across security, upgradeability, performance, manageability, and usability.  

  • Uncover unbiased end-to-end discovery
  • Report customizations issues
  • Performance stress points
  • Upgradability analysis
  • Script usage reports


Virtusa analyzes the HealthScan outputs and delivers a collection of artifacts that give an implementation plan, timeline, budget, and required demand of your corporate resources. 

  • Process engineering
  • Reduced tech debt
  • Seamless user experience
  • Upgraded efficiency


It provides a successful rollout by ensuring that the governance is established , a rollout plan is defined, and a stable foundation is adhered to throughout the lifecycle.

  • Configure over customize
  • Best practices over the last ten years
  • Creative uplift to the system interface
  • Quality assurance process
  • Program oversight 


Virtusa’s managed services allow organizations to focus on their business by ensuring the solution stays on track by managing the daily backlog, system maintenance, governance, and service requests.

  • Monitor your support team
  • Senior advisement to drive strategic needs
  • Promotion and validation of new ideas 
Key benefits
  • 30% faster time-to-deliver
  • 60% quicker upgrades 
  • 47% higher customer satisfaction 
  • 35% enhanced efficiency 
  • 50% increased CMDB 

Success story

Canadian bank reduces operating costs by 50% by accelerating the ServiceNow platform

The client had a large intake of backlog, leading to high operational costs. Moreover, a large staff lacking broad knowledge of the system further hindered its inability to innovate.

Virtusa delivered services to manage the backlog, starting with a small team of ServiceNow practitioners. We evolved to a strategic partner to bring new capabilities and vision to the client through our journey—the client leveraged vAgentWorkspace, leading to a 50% reduction in service management operating costs.

Success story

Leading US hospitality company reduces operating cost by 30% with Virtusa’s ServiceNow extreme automation implementation

Despite internally designing and constructing ServiceNow, the client faced many architectural and design challenges that lead to high operational costs and low customer satisfaction.

Virtusa instantiated the ServiceNow team to refactor and disentangle the current system. We also conducted an OCM on end-user focus groups to obtain feedback on real-world usage. With our collaboration, the client’s backlog was reduced by 75%, while its operating costs were lowered by 30%. Moreover, its MTTR average was also reduced from ~5 days to 8 hours, leading to a significant uplift in client satisfaction.

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