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Digital technologies and today’s market conditions have created an unusually daunting environment for banks and financial services (BFS) companies. With limited in-person visits, traditional banks are struggling to deliver the same, if not better, services digitally. Additionally, the BigTechs like Amazon, PayPal, and Google are winning over customers with their ability to quickly create desirable, customer-winning products and features. The typical time to market for new products and services in most BFS companies is 6-14 months.

Companies that wish to retain clients, and stay relevant in the long run, understand the urgent need to transform and operate more like a technology company right now.

How can Virtusa help you go digital now?

Virtusa’s Digital Product Workbench is an integrated platform that helps accelerate time to market by enabling rapid product development while reducing costs. Along with our propriety solutions, we also use third-party services in a low code environment over synthetic data APIs to help BFS companies deliver digital experiences to customers rapidly.

Virtusa is driving the digital transformation journey at leading global financial institutions like the World Bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and the Banking Infrastructure Architecture Network (BIAN).

Key features

Modernizing banking with the digital product workbench

The digital product workbench brings together various components to help lay a concrete foundation to accelerate the discovery and development of new digital products and services.

  • Develop:
    • Quickly test business ideas and develop new solutions by building rapid prototypes using multiple third Party APIs in a low code environment.
    • Leverage synthetic data APIs that replicate a banking environment
  • Explore:
    • Browse through a catalog of partner profiles & their solutions.
    • Discover third-party APIs and explore detailed documentation and Try-outs.
    • Browse through a list of problems statements posted by users
  • Engage:
    • Build multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate on solution development
    • Collaborate on common areas of interest within a discussion forum
    • Ideate on problems statements with other users
Digital Workbench - Key Features

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