Blockchain Drives Innovation and Process Improvements

Blockchain is a highly disruptive technology. Although it originated in the banking and financial sector, its potential is being explored across many industries, including communications.

Blockchain can enable CSPs to build new business models and operational approaches; it can greatly impact an operator’s core management systems (OSS/BSS) and enable interoperability between internal and external systems. By leveraging Blockchain, CSPs can reduce their infrastructure and compliance costs, and save on revenue leakages from roaming and identity fraud.

For progressive CSPs who want to become Digital Service Providers (DSPs), Blockchain can provide a foundational building block to handle complex transactions such as advertising sales and digital rights management across the communications ecosystem. In addition, Blockchain can manage machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments, where connected devices automatically interact with each other by collecting and exchanging data. Blockchain-influenced smart contracts can monitor and orchestrate these interactions.

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