Monetize IoT for CSPs

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption allows Certified System Professionals (CSPs) to improve the customer experience, enhance efficiency, and improve top line revenue by cross-integrating with other verticals to offer additional products and services. As the custodian of monitoring, measuring, and data aggregation, CSPs can play a pivotal role in enabling IoT solutions. In the complete IoT value chain, CSPs are uniquely positioned to develop and manage analytics, handle billions of devices, and deliver carrier-grade networks and data security while maintaining a trusted status among consumers.

Virtusa’s XLabs offer a rapid IoT prototyping laboratory that enables quick visualization of IoT concepts. The platform provides an integration with partner technologies across our service offerings to enable IoT innovation for our CSP clients in areas such as connected cars, smart homes, e-health, and usage-based insurance. In addition, our platform helps them adapt to newer technologies while at the same time improve their time-to-market. XLabs collects the sensor data, analyzes, and shares the key insights to enable operators to quickly test concepts-to-market.

IoT for CSPs

Virtusa’s XLabs enables IoT readiness across four key areas:

  • Process high-volume data and information streams from various devices/sensors
  • Leverage machine learning to drive adaptive analytics and respond in real-time
  • Deliver cross-industry solutions and use cases to accelerate time-to-market
  • Provide API/MicroServices layer to seamlessly integrate across touchpoints
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