Revolutionizing the future of enterprises with Blockchain technology

Provide secure decentralized platforms for data sharing and transactions. 

In a digital post-pandemic world, Blockchain technology plays an increasingly pivotal role in digital innovation by providing a secure and transparent way to store and transfer data without intermediaries.

Defined as a shared ledger that enables the process of recording transactions and tracking assets within a network, Blockchain stores information in “blocks” linked together in a chain, using data encryption logic. The chain is then verified within a highly secure environment, making unauthorized tampering or modification virtually impossible.

Blockchain innovation can help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enable new business models. Additionally, Blockchain’s backbone establishes security and transparency in storing and transforming data, which helps establish trust across the business value chain. Transactions can be securely recorded and verified with involvement from middle parties such as banks or the government. The transparency of Blockchain can help significantly reduce fraud and improve customer confidence.

At Virtusa, we harness the potential of blockchain to bring you reliable, secure, and high-performing solutions that can transform your business.

Explore the unparalleled benefits of our blockchain services and solutions to enhance your operational efficiencies and build trust with your customers and partners. We leverage the power of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to offer transparent and tamper-proof solutions that have the potential to reduce the cost and complexity of cross-enterprise business processes significantly.

Whether you want to streamline your supply chain, make secure transactions, or build intelligent contracts, we provide comprehensive blockchain solutions tailored to your needs.

Our in-house team of experts specializing in different blockchain technologies and platforms, including Ethereum and Bitcoin, offer various innovative and robust blockchain solutions that empower your business to stay ahead in the digital era.





Blockchain solutions

Virtusa offers customized Blockchain solutions to strategize, develop, streamline, and integrate your data and assets to create a secure and future-ready digital transformation experience.  

Blockchain Consulting

We provide strategic advice to help you understand and utilize Blockchain technology in a way that best benefits your business.

Blockchain Development

We offer a complete range of Blockchain development services, from designing and developing Blockchain networks to building dApps (decentralized applications).

Smart Contract Development

Our team creates secure and efficient smart contracts that automate various business processes and reduce the need for intermediaries.

Blockchain Integration

We seamlessly integrate Blockchain technology into your existing systems, enhancing security and transparency.

Blockchain Support and Maintenance

Our support team ensures your Blockchain systems run smoothly and provides updates and improvements as required.




Blockchain for your enterprise

Blockchain technology can provide significant benefits for enterprises across different industries, including Banking and Financial services, Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Retail, Media & Entertainment, including:

  • Fraud and counterfeit prevention
  • Secure data storage, data sharing, and data management 
  • Smart contracts enablement to streamline data tracking, verification, and transactional efforts
  • Increased operational visibility and transparency 
  • Decentralized platforms that offer secure, accurate, and direct data and content sharing to improve delivery efficiency



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