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AI led Managed Services (AIMS)

Accelerate agility and innovation of your IT services with Virtusa AIMS

Gartner predicts that large enterprise’s exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023.

For organizations to stay at the helm of fast-paced disruption and innovation, overcoming the challenges of siloed data, manual effort, and operational complexity is critical. Challenges CXOs face:

  • Monitoring the health of their dynamic IT landscape with zero blind spots
  • Predicting the failure of applications or infrastructure and evaluating business impact
  • Getting visibility across private clouds, public clouds, and on-premise environments
  • Providing more efficient and stable applications and infrastructure
  • Ensuring IT systems are performing at levels necessary to meet compliance and SLA requirements

Companies looking at service levels beyond classic IT operations management need more than just a managed support – a holistic approach that ties knots with trending AI technologies to propel business. 

Discover what’s possible when AI unites with managed services with Virtusa AI led Managed Services (AIMS). With a design thinking led approach and a key partner network to drive operations, the AIMS solution automates business processes to help clients predict and prevent disruptions. 

As part of AIMS, we have also developed AI capabilities purpose-built for the needs of banking and financial services firms. The solution helps businesses save 50% of operational costs and improve business stability and efficiency.

Key features

AIMS helps organizations improve productivity and operational scalability without ratcheting up cost or jeopardizing customer experience. 

As part of AIMS, we offer a gamut of services across application maintenance and support services (AMS), infrastructure maintenance and support services (IMS), data operations support (DataOps), robotics process automation (RPA), and cloud run.

We work with variety of application performance and infrastructure monitoring tools such as Dynatrace and AppDynamics and AIOps service providers like CloudFabrix, Moogsoft, Splunk.

New Normal (AIOps)

  • NextGen AI led managed services using PAISA framework
  • Holistic approach across application, infrastructure, and cloud operations
  • Robust AIOps framework (partnering with Stanford AI Laboratory)
  •  Innovation factory/Hub       

Value Addition (Upfront savings, Investments)

  • 50%+ savings through AIOps/robotics/automation
  • Preempt using AIOps analytics, in life intelligence
  • 'Zero Touch' through self heal and self-service mechanisms
  • Continuous improvement using ERASe framework


  • Application Maintenance and Support Services
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Services
  • Data operations support
  • Robotics operations support
  • Cloud run

Tools & Accelerators (ITIL, DevOps & Agile)

  • Eliminate-Reduce-Automate-Simplify (ERASe) framework
  • Six-sigma/Lean and "process engineering" mindset - engineering rigor in enhancing outcomes
  • Partnership with ServiceNow, CloudFabrix, IPSoft, Sainapse
Key Benefits of AI Managed Services
Key benefits
  • Predictable and secured operations with up to 50% savings in TCO
  • MTTR reduction by 30%+ along with 40% - 60% alert noise reduction
  • 40% reduction in critical P1/S1 incident prevention and automated incident management
  • Increased business value and consumer satisfaction (NPS) by 70%+
  • Increased automation and tools adoption including AIOps
  • Increase in productivity, faster resolution and business efficiency

Success stories

Global payment technology solutions company improves TCO by 30% and productivity by 35% with Virtusa AIMS

As part of the engagement, Virtusa provided 12x7x365 support team for L2 and L3 support across the North American continent for infrastructure management. Virtusa AIMS implementation helped the client transition to a managed services model and reduce TCO by 30%.

Virtusa’s preempt, accelerate and compress methodology helped the firm gain 35% productivity improvement. The robust governance and service management model with metrics-driven reporting and tracking helped improve quality and customize operations as per customer needs.

Large global bank automates 85% of manual processes with centralized command center operations powered by Virtusa AIMS

The managed services approach with levers around Eliminate - Automate - Reduce and Simplify coupled with robust due diligence and transition, helped the client with 85% of manual process eradication/automation, decrease headcount from 462 in 2018 to 302 in May 2021, and increase baseline support volume from $60K per month in 2018 to $130K per month in 2021.

Virtusa AIMS helped in significant TCO reduction, vendor consolidation, and improved governance.

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