Accelerate IoT adoption with CogniSense

Lightweight, cloud-native middleware IoT framework


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Advancements in sensor connectivity and technology can help healthcare and life sciences organizations diagnose a condition or monitor treatment of a patient or member continuously and remotely through wearables and medical-grade devices. But the challenges related to the number of devices, integration between devices from various vendors, and handling the data generated from the devices can overwhelm a traditional system. 

Virtusa’s CogniSense is an easy-to-use, lightweight, cloud-based IoT middleware framework that allows customers to quickly jumpstart their IoT journey with vendor-neutrality while fostering interoperability.

The framework is equipped with extensive capabilities that support sensor data capture, cloud data migration, integration of IoT platforms, advanced analytics, and device management. Leveraging AI/ML and edge computing over the data can create effective solutions around medication compliance management, remote patient monitoring, and more. 

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Virtusa’s CogniSense

With CogniSense organizations can:

The framework is equipped with extensive capabilities that support sensor data capture, cloud data migration, advanced analytics, and device management.

  • Scale as needed
    Being a lightweight framework, enterprises can choose features to kickstart the implementation and subscribe to more features as they gain experience and confidence.
  • Reduce time-to-market
    CogniSense is easy to implement and delivers value instantly without organizations having to spend time and effort on training and implementation.
  • Increase efficiency
    CogniSense seamlessly integrates with incumbent data science platforms thereby saving enterprises the time and effort needed to explore options and invest in new platforms.
CogniSense - IoT Framework for Digital Transformation


Our cloud based, lightweight IoT middleware framework can help patients/members with the following features:

Cloud mediation

  • Fully cloud-native architecture
  • High interoperability
  • Data correlation and enhanced analytics on the cloud

Rules engine

  • Single rules engine handles all event processing needs 
  • Deploys rules on to Edge 
  • Supports multiple technology stacks 


  • Microservices-based architecture 
  • Micro scalable features 
  • Fully dockerized capability 

Device management

  • Adaptive device provisioning for all major workflows
  • Device onboarding
  • Remote monitoring of device
  • Apply firmware updates over the air

Data modeling

  • Model Zoo with over 50+ Machine Learning (ML) models 
  • Models support decision-making both on the cloud as well as Edge 
  • Template-driven model enables maximum configuration capabilities 
  • Full-fledged access to model workbench to create models in a low code no code way

Secure Framework

  • Transport level security
  • Device-level security
  • Certificate management
  • Enhanced with blockchain-based security
CogniSense Benefits
Our solution is a middleware IoT platform which provides the following benefits:  
  • Reduces time-to-market by 20% and enables release of new use cases faster
  • Supports customization by enabling enterprises to configure the IoT platform to suit needs
  • Increases business process efficiencies with 20+ cross-industry implementations
  • Eliminates licensing and maintenance cost as the firmware is developed on an opensource technology stack
  • Integrates seamlessly with leading industrial platforms, device manufacturers, embedded technology, and cloud services

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