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Revolutionize software engineering with generative AI 

The increasing demand for high-quality software at an accelerated pace puts immense pressure on software engineers, who face increasing technical debt, insufficient developer testing time, and production code vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, the emergence of generative AI is revolutionizing how software is engineered and built. Beyond mastering code generation and providing benefits throughout the software development lifecycle, generative AI can also automate mundane tasks, empowering software engineers with more time to tackle complex challenges and boosting overall productivity. As technology continues to evolve, the impact of generative AI on software development is expected to expand and shape the future of software creation.

How Virtusa can assist you?

Virtusa collaborates with your organization to improve the efficiency of your software engineering processes significantly.

We can help your business reduce time to market for new software products and effectively modernize legacy systems by:

  • Deeply understanding your engineering practices, processes, and culture
  • Training and upskilling your engineering teams on using generative AI techniques and coding assistants
  • Integrating generative AI into development workflow to enable:
    • Code generation
    • Defect detection
    • Automatic documentation: This is crucial in legacy systems where documentation might be outdated or missing
    • Code optimization
    • Automated code reviews
    • Identification of security vulnerabilities to ensure the codebase remains robust and maintainable
  • Establishing a continuous feedback and iteration loop where AI-generated suggestions and human expertise mutually enhance each other
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