AI-based test life cycle automation

The shift to a digital-first approach poses significant challenges for organizations as they look to reimagine their business models and customer strategies entirely. Software test life cycle is one such practice undergoing a digital transformation and has gone from being narrow in scope to multi-faceted due to the advent of hyperautomation. The lack of streamlining and improper automation in the software test life cycle hinders enterprises. Virtusa's AI-based test life cycle automation aims to address this hindrance with capabilities enabling enterprises to better and streamline their software test life cycle by offering AI automation, continuous testing, and agile development.

Our approach

Workflows, integrations, integrating tools, analytics for process automation, and low code amplify the ability to automate the software test life cycle.

Virtusa leads enterprises to an efficient transition towards automation, unlocking their maximum potential using the following-

  • Artificial intelligence capabilities such as AI computer vision, intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP)

  • Automated process delivery tools and workforce engagement capabilities

  • Advanced analytics to measure and demonstrate automation ROI
Hyper Automation Testing Services - Our Approach

Hyper-automation solutions

Virtusa's approach toward continuous testing aims to look at the whole enterprise and efficiently implement automation across the board. Our approach toward continuous testing includes the following:

Our end to end test harness achieves higher automation coverage to improve time to market.

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