Low-Code Automation

Reduce risk through multi-channel automation.

Accello DTA

End-to-End Digital Test Automation

Overcome the significant challenges of test automation with this swiss-army knife that enables both non-technical users and technical users to engage in cross-paradigm, multi-channel automation.  Supports distributed parallel execution across a range of technologies including web, thick clients, terminals, web services, DBMSs, Message Queues and mobile apps.


Accello RPA
Accello RPA

Scalable Robotic Process Automation

A comprehensive RPA tool with a set of features that makes it easy to use, cost effective, scalable and more reliable than existing tools. Empowers both business and technical users to automate complex business processes.

Built-in engineering best practices include assets reusability enforcement, advance version controlling, delta deployment, security features, and insightful dashboards simplify the RPA journey of an organization. Bot farms enable rapid scaling of the execution.

Polycloud Auto Healing
Polycloud Auto Healing

Automated healing and optimization of polycloud environments

Continuously monitors resources across multi-cloud environments and initiates automated actions to optimize the consumption of resources, increase performance and make the environment compliant with security standards. Also, it can trigger automated course-correction based on metric rule violations and goals.

Facilitates rapid creation of automated  workflows for a wide spectrum of use cases including those that require conscious human decisions.

Terraform Studio

Comprehensive enablement for Cloud Transformation engagements

Accelerates Cloud Transformation. Enabled as a lightweight yet comprehensive extension to Visual Studio (VS) Code for HashiCorp’s Terraform.

Reduces the Terraform learning curve with model driven HCL code generation, creates standardized reusable templates for use across the organization and provides a strong inbuilt engineering foundation with integration of VCS, CICD, static analysis and policy compliance. Increases quality, productivity and SME scalability of Terraform projects.