Machine Learning Operations- MLOPs

Building Centre of Excellence for your AI Models with Machine Learning Operations

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Mainstreaming of ML-based solutions and production rollouts at scale is gaining momentum rapidly. Organizations striving to move beyond experimentation will find MLOps to be a game-changer. MLOps is the emerging software engineering discipline that helps reduce the development cycle and accelerate the deployment velocity of ML-based solutions at scale. Businesses need a mature MLOps ecosystem to bring a rigor of repeatability and reliability to ML-based solutions.

Virtusa’s MLOPs platform helps accelerate ML development and deployments at scale. The platform serves as a single place for model development, lifecycle management, and monitoring. 

With our MLOPs platform, we offer our clients excellent monitoring, governance, evaluation, and learning capabilities to avoid surprise changes in model performance in the future. Leveraging our framework allows organizations to convert their existing models.

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