Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

Holistic solutions to manage and optimize multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments

The cloud market is seeing widespread adoption among several enterprises, transforming how organizations operate. The rapid adoption of cloud technology has also given rise to increasingly complex and dynamic cloud infrastructures, presenting opportunities and challenges. Some of these challenges include:

  • Lack of in-house expertise: As cloud technologies evolve, it becomes increasingly challenging for organizations to keep up. Many businesses face a shortage of in-house expertise to manage their cloud infrastructure effectively. This shortage hampers their ability to ensure infrastructure availability, monitor performance, enforce security measures, optimize costs, and meet industry compliance standards.
  • Managing cloud economics: The rising costs associated with cloud operations are a growing concern for businesses. Information overload, sprawling dashboards, and the use of multiple tools make it difficult to control and reduce cloud spending wastage. The overhead of managing cloud operations can strain already limited resources.
  • Security in the cloud: With the complexity of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, security has become a paramount concern. Organizations worry about the integrity of their data and the vulnerability of their cloud infrastructure. Ensuring a robust security posture in such intricate setups is a formidable task.
  • Time and resource constraints: Enterprises are often overwhelmed by existing projects and infrastructure management tasks. Adding cloud operations to their workload can become a tipping point, leading to overburdened teams and time constraints.
We understand the complexities that come with managing and optimizing cloud environments.

Virtusa's Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services seeks to address these challenges by providing comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

In the complex world of cloud management, we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market as a top-tier partner in cloud infrastructure management. Our differentiators set us apart and make us the ideal choice for your cloud challenges.

Cloud Management Services

Cloud Governance Framework (vGovern)

Virtusa's vGovern is a comprehensive next-gen cloud governance framework that encompasses Financial Operations (FinOps), Security Operations (SecOps), and Cloud Operations (CloudOps). Using this framework, our clients have typically enjoyed benefits such as:

  • 40% Decrease in cloud consumption costs
  • 100% Compliance assurance using industry-standard security frameworks
  • 50% Increase in operational efficiency

Virtusa's Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services provide holistic solutions to manage and optimize multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments. With a deep understanding and partnerships with leading cloud hyperscalers, Virtusa offers various services, including infrastructure design and setup, monitoring and management, security and compliance, performance optimization, cost control, and automation. Through proactive monitoring, intelligent analytics, and automation-assisted 24/7 support, Virtusa ensures cloud infrastructure's reliability, scalability, and security.

Cloud maturity is a good indicator of an organization's growth and evolution in harnessing the potential of cloud technology. Like individual development, businesses progress through stages of their cloud journey. This journey involves moving from ad-hoc cloud usage to trusted and optimized operations. Along the way, organizations refine strategies, enhance security, optimize resources, and improve governance. The cloud adoption journey involves the following maturity levels:

  • Ad-hoc maturity: At this level, an organization's use of cloud resources is often sporadic and lacks a structured approach. Limited governance, cost control, or defined security measures may exist. Individual teams or departments might drive cloud usage without a centralized strategy.

  • Trusted Maturity: As an organization progresses to the trusted maturity level, it establishes standardized processes and governance for its cloud operations.

    Security and compliance measures become more defined and enforced while teams collaborate more effectively, and there is better visibility into cloud usage and costs.

  • Optimized maturity: This is the highest level of cloud maturity. Optimized maturity signifies that an organization has achieved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a high degree of control over its cloud infrastructure. Cloud resources are used strategically to maximize value while minimizing waste. Automation and advanced analytics are often used to optimize resource allocation, improve performance, and enhance security. Compliance with industry standards and regulations is consistently maintained.

Virtusa's cloud governance framework, vGovern, encompassing FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps, enables organizations to mature/uplift their Cloud's maturity from Ad-hoc to Trusted and Optimized considering their cloud maturity stage.

The vGovern model includes the following services:


  • Cost optimization strategies: We help organizations optimize cloud infrastructure costs through resource utilization optimization, workload management, and budget controls.

  • Financial management: Our experts handle the financial aspects, ensuring cost-effectiveness at every step. We ensure cost-effectiveness by tracking expenses, monitoring budgets, and aligning spending with organizational goals, preventing unexpected cost overruns.


  • Comprehensive infrastructure management: Virtusa takes care of your cloud infrastructure end to end, from setup and configuration to ongoing maintenance.

  • Performance optimization: We leverage our expertise to enhance your cloud infrastructure's performance, ensuring efficient resource allocation and scalability.

  • Proactive monitoring and support: With automation-assisted 24/7 monitoring and support, we detect and address issues promptly, minimizing downtime.

  • Enhanced reliability: We employ rigorous testing and redundancy strategies to boost the reliability of your cloud infrastructure, reducing the risk of failures.


  • Security and compliance: Our automated security and compliance measures enhance your cloud security posture and ensure compliance with global regulatory standards.

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