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Cloud technology has revolutionized the way organizations manage applications. However, the combined presence of distributed applications, cloud-native applications, microservices, and COTS products on the cloud increases complexity by demanding coordination, expertise, and management. This can challenge organizations in effectively deploying, optimizing, and maintaining their cloud-based applications.

This complexity requires specialized knowledge and solutions to effectively manage and optimize cloud-based applications. Virtusa provides a unique perspective on cloud application managed services, addressing the specific technical requirements and challenges faced by organizations in various industries.

Why do businesses need cloud application managed services?

  • More businesses are adopting cloud
  • Global SRE adoption
  • Operations expenditure
  • Businesses despise downtime
  • Change failure rates
  • Demand for end to end observability

Managing cloud-based applications involves addressing multiple challenges, such as ensuring infrastructure scalability, optimizing application performance, maintaining security, and controlling costs in terms of:

  • Application observability: For troubleshooting and optimizing performance in cloud environments
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensuring that applications adhere to industry-specific regulations and standards
  • General reliability: To provide a consistent user experience and avoid operational disruptions

Organizations often need help with these complexities, leading to operational inefficiencies, poor user experience, and increased expenses. This could run the risk of regulatory compliance failure, thus leading to legal issues. Virtusa understands these challenges and offers tailored solutions to overcome them.

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Why Virtusa

Virtusa's cloud application managed services deliver comprehensive solutions to manage and optimize cloud-based applications. We adopt Reliability engineering practices to provide mission-critical services on the Cloud. Leveraging its expertise and partnerships with leading cloud platforms and other enablers along with its homegrown enablers, Virtusa ensures smooth and efficient cloud application operations. 

Our solutions

Our reliability engineering offerings on the Cloud are:

Our partners

Virtusa is partnered with global leaders in reliability tooling to provide SRE solutions that suit your existing ecosystem while bringing in our suite of accelerators.


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