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Evolving market dynamics continue to reshape the media and entertainment industry at digital speed. From downloading an e-book to streaming movies on a hand-held device, real-time, mobile access to digital content has changed the way it’s being consumed. Technology platforms are evolving rapidly, new business models are emerging, consumer viewing habits are changing and new competition is arising from multiple sectors. Consumers expect a consistent and seamless cross-platform viewing experience with multiscreen features that cater to their rapidly changing preferences.

We help clients optimize publishing and rights management, editorial workflow and content management, and mobile media enablement.

Virtusa helps telecom and media organizations understand and predict customers’ sentiments, personalize content and services to select audience segments, create targeted advertising based on analytics, extract meaningful insights by combining diverse data sources and create customer experiences that promote brand awareness and loyalty.

We provide modernization strategies and solutions for bold, fast-moving digital media and telecom organizations

Unified Messaging System

Overcome and eliminate media disruptions through Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging System

Unified messaging in essence is the integration of different electronic messaging and communications media (e-mail, SMS, fax, voicemail, video messaging, etc.) technologies into a single interface, accessible from a variety of different devices. While traditional communications systems used to deliver messages into several different types of stores such as voicemail systems, e-mail servers, and stand-alone fax machines, with Unified Messaging all types of messages are stored in one system.

Unified Messaging offering at Virtusa comprises of a group of tools within a Unified Communications platform that ensures clients achieve uninterrupted reception of voicemail, fax, or message. With Unified Messaging, Virtusa uses the existing mailbox store (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, etc.) to store both email, voicemail, and even fax messages.

Data and Analytics Services

Make decisions more efficiently with highly visual representation of data

Data and Analytics Services

Data is the most essential component in today’s digital world. Consumerization of IT has resulted in explosion of data being generated. Communications, Media and Technology companies are facing a challenge with diversity and richness of data being generated as their customers consume their products and services digitally. Turning this huge raw data into actionable insights and leveraging them to develop new products and services for enhanced customer experience is key for future growth.

Virtusa provides Data and Analytics services in the following areas

Enterprise Data Management: We help companies create, manage, and disseminate data for all applications and processes. We ensure that our data management complies with regulatory framework.

Data Integration, Reporting, and Visualization: With these services, companies can integrate data from various resources. This ensures that no information is missed out and companies get a complete view of data. With proprietary tools, Virtusa also helps in converting data into easy-to-interpret visual reports and dashboards.

Analytics, Insights, and Intelligence: We provide generic or customized services involving Big Data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Such services help understand customer datasets to spot trends, and identify opportunities for growth.


Integrated Service Desk (ISD)

Enhance customer satisfaction through a mature customer experience management framework

Integrated Service Desk (ISD)

Integrated Service desk provides an organization with a single point of contact for all IT and application related issues faced by end-users. This brings a unified experience to the end-user through a two-way interface between the end-user community and the organization’s IT service providers.

Virtusa provides critical IT Services that enable global scale, quality processes, expanded multivendor technology capabilities, and exemplary service assurance to client’s customers. Integrated Service Desk combines Virtusa’s solution with client’s to deliver a single point-of-contact service desk for unified management across multiple technologies, services, vendors and partners.

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