Virtusa is named as a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2023 Quality Engineering NEAT Report

Published: July 25, 2023
NelsonHall’s 2023 Quality Engineering NEAT Report

NelsonHall has identified Virtusa as a Leader in the overall market segment. This market segment reflects Virtusa’s overall ability to meet future client requirements as well as deliver immediate benefits to its quality engineering clients. Virtusa was recognized as a Leader across five different categories and a High Achiever/Major Player in others, reinforcing the company's commitment to excellence in quality engineering.

Leaders are vendors that exhibit both a high ability relative to their peers to deliver immediate benefits and a high capability relative to their peers to meet future client requirements.

NelsonHall identifies Virtusa’s areas of strength as:

  • Continuous testing: Virtusa has aggregated most of its specialized services and automation effort into its continuous testing platform, driving automation across the testing lifecycle
  • AI-based analytics: Homegrown AI capabilities, backed by curated partnerships with leading academic universities and vendors, give Virtusa clients an edge to stay ahead of the digital curve.
  • Application migration to the cloud testing: Virtusa thoroughly evaluates a company's current IT landscape using state-of-the-art tools combined with deep experience from large-scale cloud migrations to build a comprehensive cloud journey roadmap.
  • ERP/COTS testing: Virtusa is automating its capabilities with repositories of test cases, test scripts, and MBT.

Virtusa has reached maturity in its offerings for continuous testing, has progressed in AI-based analytics, and has invested in application migration to the cloud testing. The company has also formalized two factor-based offerings that fit well with short-term engagements, such as non-functional testing and cloud migration.

Virtusa's prestigious recognition in multiple categories by NelsonHall solidifies its position as an industry leader, showcasing its capabilities and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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