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Today’s digital age and hyper-connected environment requires financial organizations to re-imagine their business continuously. Digital strategies and data-driven insights, consistent user experience, strong analytics, sound and stable infrastructure would differentiate the next generation banks. With emerging technologies and cross geographic transactions, securing information and maintaining data integrity has surfaced as one of the primary challenges for organizations around the world and with new emerging threats, the financial institutions are seeking Banking Infrastructure and Technology services that not only protects sensitive data, with robust security solutions, but also protects them from future threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Virtusa transforms the world’s leading banks and financial institutions by delivering scalable and reliable services, managing and executing strategic initiatives and creating innovative and robust delivery models. We support mission-critical infrastructure and banking software applications that pull insights from data to help you better engage with users and customers.

We help clients strengthen their existing systems while investing in tomorrow's technology.

Cyber Security Resilience

Improve ROI and reduce cycle time for containing threats and get real time monitoring of every information security checkpoint

Cyber Security Resilience

Organizations are embracing digital forces to unlock new opportunities and enhance their business operations. However, these new technologies come with major security threats that can have a far-reaching impact on the organizations. The IT ecosystem of these enterprises must be cyber-resilient to protect business assets from cyber-attacks, pre-emptively identify security gaps and speedily recover from penetrating hazards. At Virtusa, we offer end-to-end cyber security services, that secure organizations from malicious threats and improves their overall security readiness. To keep up with rapid advancements in digital technologies, our tailored offerings ensure continual enhancement of security architecture and meet regulatory compliances.

Our cyber security offerings include Vulnerability and Patch management, Antivirus and anti-malware, Data loss prevention, Cross border data risk assessment, GDPR assessment, Identity and Access management and Next-gen SOC services.

Datacenter Operations , Management and Modernization

Reduce your system's downtime and improve productivity with our advanced datacenter services

Datacenter Operations , Management and Modernization

For banks and financial institutions, datacenters are the most critical part of their IT infrastructure and needs efficient monitoring and management . Leveraging on our SLA-based metrics, we help customers in Datacenter Operations Optimization, Datacenter Modernization and Managed services. Virtusa has extensive experience in providing Datacenter Security, Transformation, Management and Support services. Our Run-the-Bank services include monitoring, administration and management of various servers, storage, backup, databases and network devices. Furthermore, we offer our customers a multi-level security framework for their datacenters to ensure uptime of this critical infrastructure.

Virtusa’s Change-the-Bank services in the Datacenter space include Legacy platform modernization and Cloud adoption, Software defined Datacenter, Open Stack based data center orchestration / automation, AI and Automation led next-gen support.

Digital Workplace Service Offerings

Transform your workplace to a modern, collaborative, consumerized space catering to unique requirements of users

Digital Workplace Service Offerings

The digitization of business is causing disruptive changes in the way services are delivered and consumed today. This change is not just limited to consumer world but it also greatly impacts the way internal services like IT are delivered and consumed within an organization. Virtusa’s Digital Workplace service offerings have been designed on the core principle of improving Business productivity and End user experience. This will be powered through extreme Automation and Analytics engine to provide a scalable model leading to higher productivity and consequently value driven cost reduction.

Virtusa offers a full range of Workplace Services which include: User profiling, Application and Desktop virtualization, BYOD and Mobility services, Messaging and Collaboration, Automation and Extreme Shift left, Platform consolidation and upgrades, Branch infra elimination and connectivity rationalization.

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