Terraform Studio

Terraform is a leading infrastructure as code (IaC) cloud configuration tool. Not only is it open-source, but this highly scalable software also supports multiple cloud service providers. However, using Terraform at an enterprise-level comes with several challenges. To list a few: 

  • The code is manually written in HashiCorp configuration language (HCL), leading to lengthy cycle times and increased risks
  • Time-consuming to get started with the adoption
  • Lack of inbuilt mechanisms to ensure standards, compliance, and best practices


Virtusa’s Visual Studio Code IDE

Our extension for Terraform provides a comprehensive solution for managing environments and infrastructure as code projects. The HCL code is automatically generated to increase standardization. It also ensures the developed infrastructure complies with organizational policies to maintain standards and adhere to the security compliance of an organization.>


Increased productivity: 

  • Developer-friendly IDE to develop Terraform infrastructure projects faster even with limited Terraform knowledge
  • Enhanced engineer experience across the lifecycle
  • A pre-built governance framework that provides mechanisms for a landing zone equipped with hierarchical constructs, policies, network, and identity configurations
  • Improves reusability of modules across the organization with ease of publishing to a central registry
  • Reduced errors with standardized code block generation
  • Integration with an SCM (GitHub) to allow multiple teams to work on the same project

Continuous governance and enhanced security:  

  • Adherence to organizational security policies with pre-deployment verification of generated code using Sentinel/Chechov
  • Management and audit trails configuration
  • Automatic static code analysis and plan evaluation

Improved agility:

  • Helps the IT teams to manage risks, reduce inefficiencies and redundant effort by eliminating manual work
  • Increases developer agility by empowering them to provision their self-service infrastructure
  • Fully automates self-service fulfillment with ServiceNow integration
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