Intelligent Engagement

Combine real time intelligence and gamification.

InsightLive SDLC

Enterprise Dashboards for Agile Empowerment

Increases accountability and team synergy using real-time intelligence on engineering productivity and quality with seamless SDLC automation to improve speed and agility. Works on top of existing enterprise tool stacks such as SonarQube and Jira, fueling focus and commitment to quality, productivity and engagement amongst cross-functional, self-organized development teams.


Virtusa’s Polycloud Intelligence and Auto-Healing platform

Make Clouds Smarter

Optimize and ensure sustainable cloud usage with actionable measures, smart insights , predictive analytics and gamification to engage the end-user journey.  

Extracts data from multiple APIs / data sources associated with GCP, AWS, Azure to formulate composite metrics and drive specific behaviors focusing on compliance, performance, and costing.