Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Accelerators

Innovative accelerators to drive transformation with speed and agility.

Developing high quality software quickly requires the right Software Development Life Cycle process, tools and expertise.  Each phase – Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment —requires its’ own set of skills to be successful. The Virtusa Software Development Life Cycle Accelerators combine Smart ALM, Intelligent Engagement and Low-Code Automation to assure teams are working smarter, have deep insights on behavior driven performance, and reduce risk through automation.

Increase productivity, boost engagement and reduce risk with Virtusa. 

Smart ALM
Smart ALM

Shift left by working smarter.

  • Predictive analytics and AI to help agile teams increase productivity

  • Proactively improves requirements, test cases, defect and sprint management
Intelligent Engagement
Intelligent Engagement

Combine real-time intelligence and gamification.

  • Powerful dashboards lead to behavior-driven performance

  • Gamification promotes transparency and delivers results faster

  • “Next best actions” provide immediate course correction
Low-Code Automation
Low-Code Automation

Reduce risk through multi-channel automation.

  • Proven easy-to-use automation frameworks that harness best practices

  • Improves Development, Test Automation, RPA, and Polycloud provisioning & optimization

  • Effort compression and increases operational efficiency
Award winning tools, technical innovation & IT service teams.

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