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Published: July 9, 2024

Virtusa and Quality Clouds Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Tech Debt Management

Seamlessly discover, address, and prevent tech debt while maximizing Salesforce investments through proactive governance

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. July 9th 2024 – Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Quality Clouds, a premier provider of SaaS governance solutions for Salesforce and ServiceNow platforms. This collaboration is set to revolutionize how Virtusa's clients approach and manage technical debt, ensuring smoother digital operations and enhanced service delivery.

Founded in 2016, Quality Clouds is a trusted Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft 365 partner, specializing in monitoring, governance and actively securing DevOps quality assurance. Their solutions are trusted by developers and leveraged by IT leaders from Fortune 500 enterprises. Initially focusing on ServiceNow, developed integrations to enhance transparency and quality, revolutionizing developer empowerment. set industry standards for development quality assurance, empowering organizations to deploy solid, secure digital foundations enabling them to grow confidently.

"At Virtusa, we recognize that if not implemented correctly, technical debt and performance issues can erode the value of platforms like Salesforce and NOW over time for our clients," said Div Prakash, Senior Vice President, Digital Platforms. "By partnering with Quality Clouds' unique solution and leveraging Virtusa's Engineering First approach, we are better equipped to help our customers maximize their investments and drive ongoing business transformation. This collaboration underscores our distinct approach to managing Salesforce and NOW for our clients, ensuring sustained value and continuous innovation."

Through this partnership, Virtusa and Quality Clouds will combine their expertise to offer comprehensive cloud governance and optimization services for identifying, rectifying, and preventing technical debt and achieving DevOps quality. By leveraging Quality Clouds' innovative SaaS governance platform, reliable AI features powered by their best practice vault trusted by the most security conscious Fortune 500 companies, Virtusa will empower its clients with greater visibility, control, and compliance across their cloud environments.

"We are thrilled to confirm this partnership with Virtusa, which creates a powerful union between us. The partnership combines Virtusa's global reach and depth of experience with Salesforce and ServiceNow, along with Quality Clouds unique proposition in the market for quality and governance, which is amplified by our "find it, fix it, prevent it" approach to technical debt. Virtusa's engineering first approach demonstrates their focus on quality development methodologies and governance making them a perfect fit for Quality Clouds", Adrian Serle, CEO, Quality Clouds.

Together, Virtusa and Quality Clouds are poised to drive innovation and empower organizations to harness the full potential of cloud technologies. This partnership exemplifies their shared dedication to delivering excellence and driving digital transformation in the cloud era.

About Quality Clouds

Headquartered in London, Quality Clouds stands at the forefront of SaaS governance and DevOps quality assurance, serving Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier service integrators. Founded by ServiceNow experts, Quality Clouds integrates governance and best practices into development workflows, transforming how businesses customize and leverage platforms like ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365.

With its innovative SaaS governance platform, Quality Clouds harnesses advanced AI and champions citizen development to set new benchmarks in development governance. By providing real-time DevOps quality monitoring, active governance with live checks and quality gates, and reliable AI for future-ready development, Quality Clouds empowers platforms to innovate more and remediate less, ensuring they are kept optimized, secure, and aligned with business goals

Quality Clouds' unique offering includes multi-platform management, comprehensive DevOps tools, and an extensive vault of industry-specific use cases and benchmarks. Trusted by major industries, Quality Clouds is the go-to solution to maximize platform investments and enable development teams to perform at the highest level. Push innovation with confidence and control operational costs with Quality Clouds—where precision meets strategic agility.


About Virtusa

Virtusa Corporation is a global provider of digital engineering and technology services and solutions for Forbes Global 2000 companies in the financial services, healthcare, communications, media, entertainment, travel, manufacturing, and technology industries worldwide. At Virtusa, digital engineering is at the heart of everything we do. We are 30,000 builders, makers, and doers that partner with customers to reimagine enterprises and creatively build solutions to the most pressing business challenges that move them to the forefront of their industries.

Virtusa's unique Engineering First approach means never presenting an idea we can't execute. With deep industry expertise and empowered agile teams made up of world-class talent, we think about execution early in the process, because the earlier you think about execution the earlier an idea can have an impact. Solving from the inside out enables businesses to respond swiftly to changing needs with improved quality, lower costs, and lasting results.

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