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Published: September 30, 2021

Virtusa Accelerates the Modernization and Personalization of Patient Care

vLife® 6.0 Application Marketplace for Healthcare and Life Sciences

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA—(September 30, 2021) —Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions, today announced vLife® 6.0, a cloud-based marketplace designed to improve and personalize patient care.

vLife® 6.0 brings together previously inaccessible data with artificial intelligence (AI) applications, machine learning (ML) models, and industry-specific solutions - accessed via a self-service portal. vLife® was developed in collaboration with leading universities and healthcare providers and has proven to accelerate the personalization of patient care.

The U.S. healthcare system alone generates approximately one trillion gigabytes of data annually. vLife® 6.0 gives payers, providers, and medical device and life sciences companies the ability to capture, share and deliver data in a more unified way, which can increase productivity by approximately 30 percent.

Automating everything from data entry to medicine distribution and research analysis gives doctors and nurses the resources and the additional time needed to provide the best-personalized, quality care to each patient. By using AI tools and applications available in the vLife® marketplace, healthcare providers can reduce diagnostic errors and provide the most up-to-date research and resources to support decision-making.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, 30 percent of healthcare costs are associated with administrative tasks. With the right solutions in place, organizations can automate administrative tasks, ease workflows, and analyze large data sets to deliver better healthcare faster, and at a lower cost. Among the key new features in vLife® 6.0 is vNet, an enterprise AI application for building faster, smarter, and better ML models for harnessing all data.

By taking advantage of vLife® 6.0, users can quickly start using pre-trained ML models, snippets of code, and accelerators to address specific healthcare-related tasks or functions.

“Healthcare and life sciences organizations need to access previously untapped patient data to drive operational efficiency, enhance the patient/provider experience, and ultimately provide more effective patient care,” said Anthony Lange, Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Virtusa. “With vLife® 6.0, we’re making it possible to quickly assemble and roll out pre-built models, applications and solutions designed by and with industry experts and digital engineers.”

ML applications can potentially improve the accuracy of treatment protocols and health outcomes through algorithmic processes. For example, deep learning, a type of complex ML that mimics how the human brain functions, is increasingly being used in radiology and medical imaging. Using neural networks that can learn from data without any supervision, deep learning applications can detect, recognize and analyze cancerous lesions from images.

Today physicians spend too much time using EHR—According to a 2020 Annals of Internal Medicine study, Physicians spent an average of 16 minutes and 14 seconds per encounter using EHRs. vLife® 6.0 has applications to identify documentation gaps and prepopulate problem lists, enabling physicians to spend more valuable time with patients and less time at the computer.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), vLife® 6.0 provides access to the following:

  • One billion rows of clinical, claims, genomic and IBM MarketScan research data as well as simulated data for the full U.S. population across 34 disease conditions.
  • One thousand AI artifacts for partners to build ML models based on their organizational priorities and project budget.
  • Industry solutions designed to address specific challenges, functions or tasks.

vLife® includes specialized offerings for key segments, including:

  • Biopharma: Clinical trials, Commercial analytics, Patient engagement, Bioinformatics-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • MedTech: Commercial solutions, Connected solutions, Patient engagement, Provider and patient engagement
  • Payer services: Member journey, Claims processing, Care management, Provider journey
  • Provider services: Population Health Management (PHM), Patient engagement, Ancillaries, Virtual care, Advanced analytics

Key features and benefits of vNet:

  • Faster AI: An intuitive AI tool that enables users with no AI coding skills to easily build, train, and deploy ML models, all in one place, without writing a single line of code. Faster AI empowers teams to operationalize AI and drive business value.
  • Computer Vision: No-code/low-code image analytics platform that allows beginners to get started quickly and AI experts to develop faster and leverage custom code with a fully managed infrastructure for computer vision.
  • Synthetic Data: Uses algorithms to create artificial data by mirroring the statistical properties of the original data while allowing business to maintain user privacy, successfully carry out product testing, and train ML algorithms
  • Innovation as a Service (IaaS): Connects every step of the domain journey and hosts several solutions to help customers efficiently improve the cognitive system of the domain systems across various AI-driven innovations.

With personalization at the center of a new age of healthcare, patients will be able to reach new levels of health and wellness, while allowing providers to operate more efficiently and effectively. vLife® 6.0 paves the way for the future of healthcare and patient care.

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