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May 21, 2013

Virtusa Implements Innovative Case Management System for Leading British Law Firm

Solution Leverages Pegasystems BPM for Case Management

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. – (May 21, 2013) Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTU), a global business consulting and IT outsourcing company that combines innovation, technology leadership and industry solutions to help enhance customer experience, today announced that its UK subsidiary, Virtusa UK Limited, has delivered an automated case management solution for Irwin Mitchell, a leading British law firm. The solution, which leverages Pegasystems BPM for Case Management, enables the law firm to proactively comply with new industry regulation and legislation, drive efficiencies, cut costs, and enhance its clients’ experience.

The recently enacted Alternative Business Structures (ABS) legislation is driving fundamental changes in the UK legal system. Law firms that take advantages of the opportunities from converting to ABS status could strengthen their position in the marketplace including improving operational efficiency and delivering even better value to their clients, and gaining market share.

“We were one of the first firms to apply for ABS status and we became the first multiple licensed ABS in August last year,” said Tim Kiel, IT director at Irwin Mitchell. “As an innovative law firm, we knew we had to implement an innovative case management system that would enable us to be an even more agile organization. Virtusa provided us with the expertise in the technology aspects of case management automation, and also helped us to better understand how making these changes could help transform our business as a whole, and further improve our service to the most important people of all: our clients.”

The new solution relies on Pegasystems’ BPM technology to automate end-to-end case management and provide reporting and metrics. Older, more manual processes associated with acquiring new clients and capturing information are now automated, driving both time and cost savings. Incoming inquiries to call centers are automatically routed based on content, providing a standard method for handling calls. The solution also captures and analyses the progression of cases, providing insightful metrics that inform cost-optimisation initiatives.

“We are a multi-disciplinary law firm which includes offering clients high-volume, process-intensive legal services where we handle thousands of cases at any one time,” added Gary Jackson, operations director at Irwin Mitchell. “By automating case management processes, we now have better visibility into our overall operations. This enables us to prioritise work and meet deadlines whilst ensuring that we are providing the right service levels to our clients within budget.”

Pega BPM, ranked as the top BPMS/Case Management solution by both Gartner and Forrester, is already a proven solution in industries such as banking and insurance. Irwin Mitchell is the first law firm to implement Pega BPM for Case Management.

“We worked closely with Pegasystems to tailor this solution for the legal industry, creating workflows specifically suited to law firm processes,” said Sameet Gupte, senior vice president and managing director for Europe at Virtusa. “By customising this instance of BPM technology, we were able to provide a better user experience for Irwin Mitchell, from front-end call handlers to the partners themselves, and more importantly, for Irwin Mitchell’s clients.”

“Our Build for Change® technology naturally lends itself to deployment in a high-volume case environment such as that at Irwin Mitchell,” said David Wells, vice president and managing director, EMEA at Pegasystems. “Over the past decade, we’ve collaborated with Virtusa on a large number of BPM and case management projects, and it’s exciting to see an innovative application of the technology in the legal industry.”

Virtusa has deep expertise implementing solutions that leverage powerful technologies such as BPM/CRM, CEM/ECM, EIM and mobility. This expertise, combined with the company’s vendor-agnostic, business-driven approach, long-standing relationship with Pegasystems and experience in deploying similar solutions in other industries, made the partnership a logical one for Irwin Mitchell. In 2012, Virtusa was named a recipient of Pegasystems’ first annual Partner Excellence Awards. The awards recognise Pegasystems’ partner organisations that drive customer success by delivering solutions that increase customers’ agility and competitive edge. Virtusa was acknowledged for excellence in the category of solution delivery.


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