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October 5, 2009

Virtusa Launches Business Process Competency Center at Gartner Business Process Management Summit

Centralized Platform for Technology and Process Best Practices Ensures BPM Success

ORLANDO, FL,Gartner Business Process Management Summit, and WESTBOROUGH, Mass..– (October 5, 2009) - Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTU), a global IT services company that offers a broad spectrum of business consulting and outsourcing services, today introduced the Virtusa Business Process Competency Center (BPCC) at the Gartner Business Process Management (BPM) Summit. The BPCC is a holistic process management platform that helps ensure consistent success of BPM initiatives across the customer enterprise. Built on Virtusa’s eight years of BPM implementation experience and deep technical knowledge, the BPCC complements a deep portfolio of services that deliver business results by providing an end-to-end approach to implementing BPM best practices and strategy.

Even as enterprises increasingly adopt BPM to improve efficiency and business-technology alignment, Gartner cautions that more than 50 percent of BPM programs will fail by 2011. (Gartner, Inc., “Predicts 2009: Use BPM to Confront Business Challenges and Complex Business Relationships,” November 2008, Elise Olding). Built specifically to counter this high risk of failure, Virtusa’s BPM offerings, with BPCC, provide a best practices-based, yet customizable framework for companies to address their BPM needs, define strategies, and manage human, technology and process assets.

“In our opinion, Gartner’s research shows that companies are essentially gambling on BPM success. The addition of BPCC to our BPM suite is our way of reducing project risk and taking chance out of the picture,” said Doug Mow, senior vice president of marketing at Virtusa. “By providing an end-to-end competency center and tangible, centralized governance framework, we’re supplying both the tools and methodology for companies to drive transformational BPM success at both the project and enterprise level.”

Companies implementing BPM initiatives face challenges across all three areas of the discipline: people, technology, and process. On the human level, organizations struggle to organize skills and resources and to encourage collaboration. Technology issues, in the form of redundant investments and stovepipe applications, can likewise jeopardize BPM success. BPM projects face the greatest hurdles on the process side, where poor knowledge management, lack of common measuring and monitoring systems, inadequate visibility and decentralized governance all threaten the realization of BPM benefits.

Virtusa’s BPM offerings address each of these challenges through a combination of consulting, tools, and outsourced optimization services. The BPCC platform applies best practices and tested tools to knowledge management, asset management, resource management, program management, training and utilities.

Virtusa takes a four-step approach to BPM excellence:

  • BPM Needs Assessment: Understand critical pain area, perform gap analysis, create BPCC roadmap
  • BPM Consulting: Map requirements to existing BPCC components, build required environment, configure solution
  • BPCC Portal: Configure existing components, deploy BPCC software platform and functional modules for governance, training, administration, and resource, asset, and knowledge management
  • BPM Optimization Services: Continually assess and improve BPCC to drive organizational BPM maturity

“Many organizations are undertaking BPM projects without having established needed ‘guide rails’ such as process hierarchy, modeling standards and a process improvement methodology – all areas that would be governed by a BPCC,” wrote Elise Olding, research director for Gartner’s Business Process Management group (Gartner, Inc., “Predicts 2009: Use BPM to Confront Business Challenges and Complex Business Relationships,” November 2008). “Organizations that fail to establish a BPCC will find their efforts stagnating at the project level and delivering meager results. […Companies should] utilize the BPCC as a resource to grow the BPM discipline and leverage tools, methodologies and best practices across functional silos.”

“Companies that build a BPCC are really laying the foundation for long-term BPM-driven success across the business, regardless of how their needs change,” said Vinay Mummigatti, vice president and BPM Practice leader at Virtusa. “For example, we recently implemented a customized BPCC for a Fortune-10 global infrastructure, finance, and media company, whose initial BPM and BRE (business rules engine) project success created a demand for a larger solution. The BPCC helped create a repeatable and measurable process for BPM expansion throughout the enterprise by addressing issues such as software development lifecycle, redundant technologies and the need for centralized management and budgeting.”

The BPCC announcement comes on the heels of Virtusa’s formal introduction last month of the Virtusa BPM Acceleration Methodology (VBAM), a proven approach that reduces BPM risk through a combination of Agile best practices, BPM platform-specific capabilities and Virtusa’s optimized global delivery methodology.

About Virtusa Corporation’s BPM Practice

Virtusa is a leading global IT services firm in the BPM sector with a long history of successfully helping clients transform their new and legacy, manual and semi-automated business processes into change-ready, automated processes, and in building and delivering leading BPM software products. Virtusa’s unique “platforming” approach consolidates, rationalizes and modernizes core systems resulting in an efficient, lean IT environment. The Virtusa BPM team has more than eight years of BPM project experience, having successfully executed over 65 professional services engagements worldwide. The Practice is supported by over 500 BPM consultants, of who 95% are Certified BPM Consultants. The Practice has strong partnerships with multiple BPM leaders including Pegasystems, Savvion, Cordys, Tibco and IBM.

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About the Gartner Business Process Management Summit

The Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2009 offers the latest insight on creating and sustaining an agile process-powered organization. This Summit will deliver actionable insights to help companies through today's economic pressures and will showcase the latest process management strategies, implementation tactics and leading technologies to place a company in a stronger position to come out ahead. Additional information is available at


About Virtusa

Virtusa Corporation is a global provider of digital engineering and technology services and solutions for 2000 companies in the financial services, healthcare, communications, media, entertainment, travel, manufacturing, and technology industries worldwide. At Virtusa, digital engineering is at the heart of everything we do. We are 35,000 builders, makers, and doers that partner with customers to reimagine enterprises and creatively build solutions to the most pressing business challenges that move them to the forefront of their industries.

Virtusa’s unique “Engineering First” approach means never presenting an idea we can’t execute. With deep industry expertise and empowered agile teams made up of world-class talent, we think about execution early in the process, because the earlier you think about execution the earlier an idea can have an impact. Solving from the inside out enables businesses to respond swiftly to changing needs with improved quality, lower costs, and lasting results.

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