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Advancing Health Equity by Addressing the Industry’s “Data Desert”
September 15, 2023
Publisher: HIT Consultant

The article addresses the persistent healthcare disparities in the United States, where access to quality care is limited for many Americans, resulting in higher rates of diseases. It introduces the concept of health equity, emphasizing accessible and affordable healthcare for all, regardless of various factors. Health equity is shown to enable active lives, reduce healthcare burdens, and contribute to economic growth.

While medical care plays a modest role in overall health (20%), social determinants such as safety, employment, and green spaces significantly impact health outcomes (80%). This leads to health disparities, costing the nation billions annually. Challenges to achieving health equity include funding, staffing, and notably, the lack of quality data on social determinants. Technology's role in addressing these issues is discussed, with digital tools improving data collection and analysis.

The article highlights the lag in healthcare's adoption of digital technology, particularly in data collection. Many healthcare systems struggle due to inconsistent data collection, hindering efforts to prioritize health equity. The analogy of a "data desert" is drawn, illustrating the scarcity of crucial data for medical decisions and research.

The need for a shift in healthcare's data approach is underscored. Initiatives like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' 10-year plan aim to address disparities, focusing on standardized data collection. The article also emphasizes that both large-scale and small-scale efforts are necessary. Technology's potential in advancing health equity is outlined, including telemedicine, smart devices, responsible AI, and data analytics.

Ultimately, the article emphasizes collective efforts to dismantle barriers, ensuring universal access to care. It calls for enhanced data collection, technology adoption, and collaboration to create a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system for all Americans.

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