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How cognitive managed services are transforming data-driven decision making for telco operations

To keep up with digitization demands, telcos are turning to AI and data-driven use cases to transform their decision-making capabilities and operational services.

November 23, 2023

Niladri Shekhar Dutta, Vice President, Global Telco Consulting & Solutions Head, Virtusa, discusses how modern telcos can successfully drive operational transformation with AI and cognitive managed services to ensure seamless IT and network convergence.

With the advent of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud technologies, telcos will become service enablers in a new ecosystem with greater business complexity and increased automation. Therefore, telcos must obtain real-time or near real-time data points to manage this digital transformation effectively and efficiently. To drive data as an operational and business-defining differentiator, one must first understand the context of data, or meta-data, followed by comprehending the complexity of an associated business and operational processes supported and the underlying architecture landscape.

Many telcos struggle to implement data-driven decision-making because they don’t always consider what happens post-implementation during operations and managed services. In this article, Niladri proposes data traceability and identifying all possible business rules to mitigate potential implementation challenges. He also emphasizes the importance of convergence, seamless process, and data integration to ensure and drive data integrity within a desired overall operational setup. Cognitive operations will require the implementation of AI algorithms on top of these data sets to ensure good data quality and efficient data automation.

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