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November 28, 2023
Publisher: CIO100 Symposium 2023

Virtusa's CIO, Ram P, Clinches CIO Disruptive 100 Award at CIO100 Symposium 2023

Celebrating Technological Excellence and Business Leadership: Virtusa Shines with the CIO Disruptive 100 Award

Virtusa proudly takes center stage at the CIO100 Symposium & Awards 2023, a hallmark event often dubbed the Oscar of India's IT Industry. Organized by Foundry, an IDG Inc Company, this annual gathering spotlights excellence in technology and innovation across diverse sectors. In a resounding achievement, Virtusa has clinched the coveted CIO Disruptive 100 award, a recognition that speaks volumes about the company's dedication to technological excellence and innovation.

At the heart of this accomplishment is Ram P, Virtusa's EVP & CIO, who played a pivotal role in representing the company and accepting the CIO Disruptive 100 award. This accolade is a nod to individuals and organizations that have disrupted norms, showcasing outstanding leadership in both technology and business realms.

The award is not merely a token; it symbolizes Virtusa's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. It underscores the transformative projects the company undertook in 2023, projects that not only embraced cutting-edge technology but also redefined industry standards. Virtusa's success is not just in technological prowess but in strategic business leadership, positioning the company as a disruptive force in the competitive landscape.

Securing the Disruptive 100 award catapults Virtusa into the upper echelons of IT organizations in India. It is an affirmation of the company's dedication to innovation and its capacity to make a lasting impact. The entire Virtusa team shares in this achievement, with the award recognizing the collective effort and passion that each Virtusan brings to the table.

As Virtusa celebrates this remarkable feat, it extends gratitude to its team for their unwavering dedication. The message is clear: let's continue to drive innovation and excellence in every endeavor. Virtusa's success at the CIO100 Symposium 2023 not only solidifies its standing in the industry but also serves as inspiration for continued excellence in the ever-evolving realm of technology.

Ramaswamy P V

Chief Information Officer

Ramaswamy P V is the Chief Information Officer of Virtusa Corporation and is responsible for leading our IT driven business transformation with a digital inside & user centric focus in the organization.

Ram P is a digital transformation leader with a solid 28 years of experience in the industry and served at HCL, where he led digital transformation, application modernization & data driven analytics as a Senior Vice President. He has been in leadership roles at HCL, Siemens, AIG and Mphasis and comes with 360-degree exposure in domain, delivery, pre-sales, and the CIO function and worked closely with global CXOs across fortune 500 enterprises.

Ram P completed his computer education at NIIT, is SAP certified, and has a Master’s degree in Accountancy & Costing from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India and a Master’s degree in Law, Accounting and Finance from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

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