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Big Tech Forging Partnerships to Further AI Development Strategies
July 28, 2023
Publisher: Information Week

In the provided article, Virtusa's contribution is highlighted as part of a significant collaboration with Google Cloud. Just days prior to the events described Google Cloud and Virtusa had announced their partnership to establish a global Generative AI Center of Excellence. This collaboration, while distinct in its focus, aligns with the broader trend of large technology companies seeking specialized expertise to navigate the competitive AI landscape.

Unlike the partnership between LG AI Research and Qraft Technologies, which is centered on the development of AI applications and financial instruments, Google Cloud and Virtusa's collaboration aims to foster the adoption of AI technology by enterprises. Their joint plan involves conducting research, training, and creating solutions that facilitate the integration of AI in business operations.

A notable aspect of Virtusa's contribution to this collaboration is its commitment to investment in training. Virtusa has pledged to train over 2,000 engineers to work with AI technology provided by Google Cloud. This investment signifies Virtusa's dedication to equipping professionals with the skills needed to harness the potential of AI in various industries.

The article also indicates that more details about the Virtusa and Google Cloud collaboration will be unveiled at the upcoming Google Cloud Next conference. This underscores Virtusa's active role in this initiative and its participation in shaping the future of AI technologies and solutions.

Overall, Virtusa's contribution to the article showcases its pivotal role in collaborating with Google Cloud to promote the practical adoption of AI by enterprises. Through research, training, and innovative solutions, Virtusa aims to empower businesses to leverage AI effectively, further highlighting the company's commitment to driving AI innovation and implementation.

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