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2023 CMSWire Contributors of the Year: Frank Palermo
December 27, 2023
Publisher: CMSWire

Frank Palermo, Executive Vice-President, Global Head – Business Consulting, Virtusa, was recognized as one of CMSWire's top contributors of 2023 for his frequent and insightful contributions in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With a profound understanding of digital technologies, Frank shares a nuanced perspective on AI's current state and its future trajectory. His articles explore AI governance, touching on its implications for businesses, governments, and the broader tech community. His articles are must-reads for anyone intrigued by the future of AI and its regulatory environment.

  • Palermo's expert analysis: Navigating AI governance with a balance between innovation and regulation for future tech.
  • Generative AI Evolution predicted: Shift from initial experimentation to significant impact across various industries.
  • Digital marketing revolution: Overcoming challenges in integrating AI for enhanced creativity and productivity.

Discover why Frank Palermo earned recognition as one of CMSWire's top contributors in 2023 for his AI insights. Click the link below to read more about his articles and delve into the Q&A for more in-depth perspectives on AI governance, Generative AI Evolution, and the digital marketing revolution.

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