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Google Cloud and Virtusa Aim to Train Engineers and Push AI
August 29, 2023
Publisher: Information Week

Ram Meenakshisundaram, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Virtusa, sheds light on a dynamic collaboration that holds the potential to reshape the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) development and application. In a recent conversation, Ram delves into the partnership forged between Google Cloud and Virtusa, a digital engineering and tech services company, aimed at advancing AI research and promoting its adoption among enterprises.

The core of this collaboration revolves around the establishment of a global Generative AI Center of Excellence, an initiative poised to shape the future of AI through innovative research, comprehensive training, and practical implementation. The significance of this venture lies not only in the scope of its ambitions but also in the strategic approach it takes towards realizing them.

Ram underscores the prevailing industry momentum toward generative AI, a technology that has garnered widespread attention. However, amidst the excitement, there exists a need to bridge the gap between possibilities and realities. The Center of Excellence seeks to address this by cultivating a pool of skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of AI effectively.

An essential facet of this partnership is the commitment to training. With the goal of training over 2,000 engineers in leveraging Google Cloud's AI technology, Virtusa is laying the groundwork for a workforce well-versed in harnessing the potential of AI for tangible outcomes. This step aligns with the industry-wide urge for skilled individuals capable of unlocking AI's transformative power.

As Ram explains, the collaboration extends beyond training to encompass research and solution development, with a focus on enhancing AI adoption within enterprise contexts. The partnership leverages Google Cloud's technological prowess and Virtusa's practical understanding of business needs, ensuring that AI solutions align with the real-world demands of organizations.

Ram's insights shed light on the nuanced approach required to propel AI innovation forward. The center of excellence emerges as a hub where vision converges with practicality, and where ambitions are transformed into results. As the collaboration between Google Cloud and Virtusa unfolds, the future of AI looks increasingly promising, equipped with a workforce empowered to harness its capabilities for meaningful progress.

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