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Embracing Diversity in IT Training

Ashwin Sadasiva Kumar, Senior VP at Virtusa - CIO commentary on IT training mistakes emphasizes recognizing individuality and catering to diverse learning styles.

April 26, 2023
Publisher: CIO

In an article featuring 7 common IT training mistakes to avoid, Dr. Ashwin stresses the importance of embracing diversity within IT teams. Neglecting team members' unique qualities leads to uneven training outcomes, according to Ashwin Sadasiva Kumar, Senior VP at Virtusa. Diversity goes beyond demographics and influences how individuals learn and interact. Kumar suggests designing training modules that cater to different learning styles, fostering innovation and better decision-making. CIOs should broaden their training perspectives, prioritizing individual growth and creating a workplace where employees have a voice. Recognizing diversity and accommodating learning needs fosters creativity, growth, and inclusive environments, enabling organizations to achieve innovative solutions and superior decision-making.

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