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Is marketing the new source of innovation in the Tech industry?
November 16, 2022
Publisher: Martech Series

The technology sector is expected to exceed $5.3 trillion by the end of 202. The competition is only getting more aggressive, leading to faster innovation cycles and creating a frenzy among tech players to out-acquire and out-retain the market.

Tech companies are forced to look at new ways to stand out from the competition while growing revenue. Marketing helps companies stand out from the competition and gives them the required edge with customers and prospects. Tech companies are looking for better ways to engage their existing and potential customers by focusing on customer experience (CX) and personalization at the heart of their business strategies. Improvements to the CX can potentially translate into $1 billion in incremental revenue.

With that type of revenue growth within reach, marketing teams are under pressure to accelerate their martech transformation while using the tools and technologies they have to improve customer engagement touchpoints.

Venkatesha Murthy, VP of martech, Virtusa, shares his thoughts on how enterprises can master the martech stack and what business benefits choosing the right martech transformation partner can offer to improve your customer journey while increasing revenue. 

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