In The Media

March 2, 2022
Publisher: Forbes

When you're searching for top talent who can build on your team's success or fill in the gaps to improve on inefficiencies, there's no way of determining if you'll make the right choice. Only their time on the job will reveal if they'll live up to your expectations and be a good fit for the company.

When hiring managers, it’s best to first identify what their short- and long-term goals are for the role as it relates to alignment with the culture of the business and if they will meet the business’s needs. To help leaders navigate the hiring process for prospective managers and offer better insight into your latest new hires onboarding, Sundararajan Narayanan, EVP & Chief People Officer at Virtusa and 12 members of Forbes Human Resources Council share signs to look out for when you're gauging a candidate's true interest and fit within your organization.

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