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How Virtusa Powers Hyper-Personalization with 5G, AWS Wavelength, and Edge Technology
September 22, 2021
Publisher: AWS Partner Network

The digital revolution has seen an explosion of marketing data, and marketing professionals have been successful in using this data to get closer to their end customers.

Hyper-personalization takes personalized marketing to the next level by gathering data and providing targeted recommendations to improve the user experience at every digital touchpoint. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also widely used to place such personalized ads on mobile and web channels.

What if you could cross the digital barrier and run hyper-personalized campaigns in the real world? In this AWS Blog post, Ravi Kumar Palepu, Sr. VP, Head of Global TMT Solutions and Girish Ramadurgam, Chief Architect, Global TMT Solutions from Virtusa explore how Virtusa uses 5G, AWS Wavelength, and edge technology to help bridge this divide with Néstor Gándara, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS.

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