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Low-Code And No-Code: Bringing Tech And Business Together
January 27, 2021
Publisher: Forbes Innovation

Gartner predicts that 50% of medium to large enterprises will adopt low-code as one of their strategic platforms by 2023.

As enterprises reimagine business models, making them more adaptable, agile, and scalable, taking a low-code/no-code (LC/NC) approach can enable a connected strategy that brings applications to market faster. By using a combination of AI, IoT, Cloud, and platform ecosystems, LC/NC tools can comprehend real-time analytics, performance demand and do away with the heavy lifting of traditional coding processes. 

President and Head of Americas, Samir Dhir, weighs in on the importance of a LC/NC approach to software engineering, the promise of its benefits, and what are the barriers to widespread adoption.

To realize the value of this transformative technology, leading organizations must accelerate experimentations based on market outlook to gain early rewards. To accelerate adoption, enterprises must drive a cultural shift toward collaboration and business-user empowerment and prioritize business use-cases and MVPs based on application extensibility, revenue impact and interoperability through cloud-agnostic platform ecosystems. 

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