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How The New Boundaries Of Technology Have Driven Paradigm Changes
February 2, 2021
Publisher: Forbes Innovation

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that technology is the foundation of everything we do. The pandemic has pushed the boundaries of technology out of necessity, which has resulted in both innovation and paradigm changes that will be with us long after the pandemic subsides. 

The pandemic forced organizations to set up central nerve centers to monitor and inform near real-time business decisions. Cross-functional teams had to rapidly deploy new reports, integrate new data sources and even establish new data streams from new suppliers or partners. These new insights were critical to understanding the future of their supply chains, customer needs and buying patterns, and to support employees in key decision making. 

EVP and Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Americas (East Coast), Frank Palermo, shares his thoughts on how organizations can remain competitive and relevant post-pandemic by investing in deeper collaboration tools, integrating low-code platforms into application development methodology, and embracing new customer buying patterns through analytics and artificial intelligence.

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