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CIO Insider: 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solutions Providers 2020 Sparking Innovation with Enterprise Data Management Solutions
September 4, 2020
Publisher: CIO Insider

Most digital transformation projects planned at the start of 2020 have been dramatically overhauled or scrapped altogether. As companies remerge after being shut down from normal operations as a result of COVID-19, balancing the need to innovate and control cost is the new priority for most companies. SVP & Global Practice Head of Cloud & Data Engineering Arvind Purushothaman engages in a brief conversation with CIO Insider to discuss how Virtusa is supporting clients throughout the pandemic and into the future with powerful data analytics solutions and capabilities.

“Virtusa helps clients make the right platform choice based on their use cases and overall strategy. We are also helping organizations rationalize and consolidate their numerous data integration and BI tools to gain a 360-degree customer view, allowing them to understand relationships between existing and potential customers.”

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