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The (relay) race is on for CSPs to capture 5G revenue
November 9, 2020
Publisher: Inside Telecom

The most successful relay race teams don’t just have exceptional individual talents. They also bring out the best in one another, offer complementary skills, and execute as a cohesive group. As we look at the current and future opportunities surrounding 5G, CSPs need to take a similar ‘relay race’ approach to select the right team members (partners) to develop and deliver new services they couldn’t create on their own.

Recent research indicates that 60 percent of CSPs believe collaboration helps drive cost-effective, innovative solutions – and that businesses need an average of nine partners to support their 5G use cases. That’s taking the relay team analogy to a whole new level of coordination and requires new approaches to how CSPs and partners work together.

Read on to explore how CSPs can capture a significant piece of the 5G market opportunity by applying these five best practices from winning relay race teams.

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