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Smart infrastructure and the evolution of our networked world
April 2, 2020
Publisher: Digital Bulletin

Virtusa’s Head of Cloud Transformation Jerome Wagner delves deep into how automation, cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning help evolve our networked world. The nature of infrastructure is developing rapidly.

“As businesses continue to look for ways to reduce costs and extract greater intelligence from their data, they have progressed from utilising software and technology located on-premise, in data centres, to running remotely on hosted servers or in the cloud. AI and ML are set to be the step in the evolution of infrastructure.”

Smart infrastructure leverages AI and ML to report and highlight potential optimisations in how any given infrastructure should be operated. In these cases, ML is used to look at database optimisations, network and security recommendations, observed security threats and fixes, and cost optimisations. Over time, these smart architectures may have the ability to self-govern, self-optimise, and self-heal - all with limited involvement - resulting in highly optimised, fault-tolerant, and low-cost infrastructures.

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