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Kris Canekeratne: “Create a psychologically safe environment in order to create a fantastic work culture”
April 3, 2020
Publisher: Authority Magazine

From leadership to success to doing good in the world, Kris Canekeratne sits down with Authority Magazine as part of a series around how leaders can create a “fantastic work culture”.

"Coming out of university, I was both in love with software engineering and convinced that it was an industry ripe for radical transformation. A few years later, I was sitting around my kitchen table in Westborough, Massachusetts, with some of my engineering friends discussing the inefficiency of legacy IT systems and the need to move from on-premise to off-premise, online models. Those early conversations, a chunk of personal savings, and at least three maxed-out credit card accounts, ultimately turned into Virtusa."

His inherent passion for digital engineering and inspiring leadership paired with Virtusa’s proprietary platforms all add up to a culture of innovation.

“We strive to create a work environment that is motivating, supportive, and full of opportunity for personal and professional growth. In response to the needs and expectations of our 21st-century workforce, we invested in the creation of a first of its kind workplace social engagement platform, vPlus. It’s a proprietary platform that allows employees to work as they live and to live as they work, integrating social collaboration, video learning, advanced search, peer feedback, and gamification.”

From the opportunity to develop new skills, improve work-life balance, and enable collaboration across the organization, every Virtusan is empowered to innovate by challenging the norms.

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other live,” a quote by Jackie Robinson and a favorite of Kris’. He notes, “We are here not for us but for others. Whether others are our families, our employees, our clients, our fellow citizens, or strangers in need, it really does not matter. The more people who embrace the importance of we over me, the better off we will all be.”

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