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Securing and automating prior authorization across patients, providers, and payers

Alok Mandal & Veerappan Rathinam
Published: February 1, 2022
Care Management in Healthcare - White paper

Today, requesting prior authorizations for patient care is still a manually intensive process for healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. It is one of the processes that hasn’t adapted to electronic or automated processing the way other functional areas have for payers, such as claims, eligibility, and customer care.

This white paper explores how new technologies and best practices can modernize, automate, and accelerate the process for payers to improve patient care and reduce costs while ensuring industry standards for patient privacy and data security.

What’s more, technologies such as AI and machine learning systems can learn from care guidelines and other healthcare documentation to help clinical teams determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Through smarter process orchestration, auto-authorization business rules, connected electronic health records, and AI and predictive algorithm-driven clinical decisions, healthcare providers and their patients may one day gain prior authorizations from payers as easily as swiping a credit card. And that day may be closer than you think.

Learn how new innovations are making a difference throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Download your copy of this timely white paper. 

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