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Open banking playbook

Published: November 6, 2019
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Open banking is set to transform the financial services landscape. For consumers and businesses alike, access to data-driven services promises a higher-quality and more personalized banking experience.

Many of these new offerings will be delivered by third-party providers (TPPs) and around the world, nimble FinTechs are already designing innovative services powered by data from banking incumbents.

Whether banks are adopting APIs purely to comply with open banking regulations such as PSD2, or to better equip themselves to deliver more personalized services to their clients, development is well underway. Although much of the work so far has been focused on building the underlying technologies, the monetization strategies and business models are of huge importance.

In this playbook, Virtusa surveys entire open banking landscape, draws analysis of the current and future developments with open banking, describes API monetization models and advantages of the shared marketplaces, presents industry case studies and business opportunities with API banking and much more.

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