White paper

Hybrid Cloud management using Azure Arc

Harini Koribilli & Surya Nimmagadda
Published: December 13, 2022
Virtusa’s white paper on hybrid cloud management using Azure Arc

The constantly evolving nature of management and governance technologies makes it more difficult for businesses to maintain control over and effectively administer complex systems. The challenge becomes much more onerous for businesses that need to manage both their cloud and their current on-premises infrastructure.

This paper discusses how Hybrid Cloud Management using Azure Arc helps to simplify the administration of hybrid and on-premises clouds. You will also learn about the architecture, Azure Arc-enabled servers, Kubernetes, and data services, along with management capabilities and pricing models.

This whitepaper also examines how Hybrid Cloud Management uses Azure Arc to build a strategy for addressing organization-wide hybrid cloud complexity with built-in resiliency and automated deployments of agents. 

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