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Healthcare interoperability for consumer engagement

The path to achieve value-based care

Published: November 17, 2020
Healthcare interoperability for consumer engagement whitepaper

The global healthcare industry faces significant challenges like rising healthcare costs, deteriorating patient safety, and the absence of agility in the care-delivery model. The shift to value-based care addresses these by redefining success with healthcare outcomes. In this scenario, data interoperability empowers organizations to collaborate, foster innovation and co-create solutions to help patients access their health records.

With the power of data, the payer-provider ecosystem can build a 360-degree view of patients across departments and caregivers to improve treatment. Gaining insights from complex data will also allow pharmaceutical companies to develop precision medicine and treatments, thereby increasing trust and reliability with secure portals and mobile apps.

Data interoperability, coupled with digital technologies will reduce cost, alleviate penalties, and improve compliance and productivity, thereby boosting organizations’ star ratings in the marketplace.

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