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Harnessing the power of digital twins in supply chain processes

Dinesh Parameswaran,

Sr. Director- Client Services

Published: May 9, 2022
Harnessing the Power of Digital Twins in Supply Chain Processes - Downoad White Paper

While economies are opening up, supply chain bottlenecks still pose serious challenges, regardless of industry. In particular, the automotive, consumer packaged goods, high tech, and manufacturing sectors are all feeling the pinch as components and products are delayed at depots and ports, waiting for transport or for unloading. With unpredictable and abnormal market conditions, companies must re-examine their supply chain regarding end-to-end processes, which provides for real-time visibility both from the internal and external ecosystem.

Learn how digital twins can reimagine the supply chain process and allow companies to analyze and predict variations and mitigate challenges. Ultimately, companies can achieve a future-proof supply chain that can withstand even the most volatile market fluctuations.

Download “Harnessing the power of digital twins in supply chain processes” today to start taking steps to build a resilient supply chain.

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Learn what’s needed to build a resilient supply chain harnessing the power of digital twins.

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